GSOL just turned SIX YEARS OLD! Truly a testament to what a few compassionate and talented women can do who have God’s blessing. I am very proud to say that GSOL continues to work without compensation of any kind. We are all strictly volunteers. It’s not our “job.” It’s a love thing. Who knows if we will last another six years or even another year? From the beginning, our heart has been …as long as the yarn comes in and there are ladies to help, and there are people in need, we will do what we can. This group was never “mine.” It is the Lord’s. We give him all due praise and we are so grateful for all of his gifted children who pitch in to help us out. Thank you!

To stream line things a bit, and to save on time, we are posting our news and pictures on our Facebook page. Please come on over, “like us”, and keep up with us there.

New Year Embraces Change



I realize this is a bit early but I wanted to be among the first to wish all of you the very best in the coming year! I also wanted to make you aware that we will no longer post updates to this blog, but you may still follow our coming and going on our Facebook page. It’s just easier for the group leaders to post their work once there than for us to post it two places. You will find us here:    https://www.facebook.com/GrannySquaresofLove/   Trusting that you will hurry over and “like” us there.


Love and Best Wishes!

Rita New

Christmas Gifts….


Even in the hustle, bustle, and busy-ness of the season, you still found time to help us. I am the mother of four grown children, all of which are married, and the grandmother to twelve grandchildren. Believe me, I know what a sacrifice it is to carve out any extra time during this season. I appreciate you! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

All of the lovely granny squares are crocheted and donated by the kind and talented ladies of ARGOS UNITED METHODIST CHURCH located in Argos, IN.  Thanks again!


The beautiful baby blankets were crocheted and donated by D. Dague of Lakeview, Ohio. She donated the yarn as well. We appreciate your love and hard work. Thank you for all that you do.


We will make a Christmas delivery of baby blankets early next week. Keep your eyes peeled for news of our other efforts this frosty December.

Love to all!


Love is…

Doing the same thing week after week, month after month, year after year to help those in need that you may never know is love in highest form. Thank you to all who continue to love those who can never repay you. Thank you for helping us to help others.

Sending a shout out of THANKS to:

T.Marolf of N. Syracuse , NY….Theresa A. of Palm Coast, Fla….Stitching Saints of California, MD for sending the following gifts:

We appreciate this so much! Your granny squares are being dispatched to various volunteers to make blankets and scarves for those in need of them. The yarn has already has already chosen to make additional hats to go with scarves. You DO make a difference.


GSOL in Jackson, NC met yesterday. The cold and the rain kept most of volunteers away. Even so, we made decisions on what to work on next and exchanged materials. Peggy is a one woman power house!


I am getting a number of requests that ask what we need most right now. For those that want to know specifically, from now until the beginning of Feb.,  besides granny squares, we are in need of crocheted hats and scarves to give to those in need of them during the next few months.  If you are great at crocheting mittens,(I am not) they are welcome too.

Many blessings to all who have a hand in helping!





More Reasons to be Thankful…

1718785748-original.png.jpgWe continue to be blessed with those local and far away who pull together to enable us to help others. Anyone who crochets knows the work and hours that go into every piece. (Some of you must crochet even in your sleep!)  We have had a great month. Sharing here another local GSOL meeting in Ahoskie, N.C. and also some long distance volunteer donations that have made their way to us. A heart felt THANK YOU from all of us to all of you!

GSOL in Ahoskie/Aulander, N.C.:


Sending out THANK YOU to:

CHRIS K. of St Louis MO for the pretty granny squares, hats and scarf!


Dinah D. of Lakeview, Ohio for all of the beautiful blankets, yarn, and crochet book –


Norah L of  Brooklyn, NY for the gorgeous blankets, granny squares and yarn!


Joan S. of Wake Forest, NC for her pretty granny squares and yarn. Welcome to N.C. , Joan!


ARGOS UNITED METHODIST CHURCH OF Argos, IN for all of the lovely granny Squares!


Thank You Jan 2012.jpg

Giving Hands have Grateful Hearts


We are loving the cooler temps that are finally here in North Carolina. Our various groups continue to pull together to meet the various needs in our communities to offer comfort and caring. Check out the photos below from our recent meetings:

GSOL in Jackson, N.C.: Hurricane Matthew left some communities homeless. We didn’t have a huge stash of blankets on hand to meet all the needs, but we gave what we had to do make a difference where we could. If everybody does something, no matter how small,  needs are met.






GSOL in Roanoke Rapids, NC: November’s Meeting was awesome! We turned out a great amount of hats and scarves for our Christmas gift going out to Operation Gratitude for the Military, and working on making the red baby hats for the American Heart Association for Infants with Heart conditions. We had some beautiful blankets of all sizes come in, Carol finished up some squares and one of our newest members Mrs. Rogerson, made a beautiful Lapghan Linus blanket and four amazing preemie baby blanket and hat sets. These ladies are just wonderful folks.

I have great news after my heart has been heavy and stressed about continuing on with our group, I was getting a little tethered at the ends of each month knowing I was having to do another class teaching alone. I talked to our founder and asked for advice.  I do believe a prayer or two was answered yesterday. I had a new member, but I feel like an old friend dropped in my lap, offer to help teach as I was going to ask her to co- coordinate the group. She has great teaching experience and skills beyond compare. We were both on the same page yesterday morning. As she was pulling into the parking lot I was looking for her number. Juana Price is gonna be a big asset to our group. Her know how and drive is refreshing and she has been looking a new avenue to start in her life. We welcome her as not only one of our volunteers, and for her donations, but as a great teacher!


GSOL in Ahoskie/Aulander, NC: Check out our donation to sheriff department and the hat and scarf donations given by the senior group in Windsor.




More Gifts in October


We are always appreciative when gifts from our long distance volunteers are found in our mail box. Check out our recent gifts from our friends: