Gifts From Long Distance Volunteers

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We are always so grateful for the love and dedication shown to us by our long distance volunteers. Our “THANK YOU’s” are now only by blog post after so many long distance volunteers requested that we not waste money on stamps and stationary to send additional thanks in the mail. We appreciate your understanding our need to be frugal. So without futher adieu, I want to share all of the beautiful gifts that have been sent this month to help us help others:


All of the gorgeous goodies above: Yarn, granny squares,and the many scarves are donated by Theresa B. of North Bergen, N.J.!!!  Theresa, you always seem to know what we need! How do you do that?🙂 Thank you so very much! May God bless you more!


An anonymous crochet angel from Voss, N.C.sent us these lovely granny squares. Thank you!!!! We certainly appreciate each and every one! God bless you more!


Kathy C. of Wilmington, MA crocheted and donated all of the colorful granny squares above. Kathy has been a long distance volunteer for quite some time. Thank you so much, Kathy for the gift, and your continued support. God bless you more!


We are grateful for the all the lovely granny squares above. All are crocheted and donated by Jeannine D. of Valencia, CA. Thank you again, Jeannine, for your continued support and thoughtfulness. God bless you more!

Until next time,

Be healthy, happy and blessed!

GSOL Meetings in August

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The monthly meeting in Roanoke Rapids was a huge success! Two new ladies came to learn how to crochet and we had 15 people in attendance. Loads of goodies that will be tagged and sent out this week. We made our choices for this year’s end of year projects, and have plenty going on. Thanks to all our volunteers for all they do to keep this group going and supporting us by getting things done. I would like to give a huge thank you for another delivery from Angels Closet for sending all yarn that comes into their business and passing it along to us to help make more blankets. Thanks Beverly for the delivery too! We have had several deliveries to our group this past month, but the most heart felt was the donation delivered by Jamie and Mitzi Suggs from Helen Suggs, per her request before her passing. My heart was so touched to know she wanted us to use what she had left from her private yarn stash to make things for the group. Here are pics of the donations and the meeting today:


“I can promise you that women working together, linked, educated, informed, gifted, and persistent, can bring peace and prosperity to this forsaken planet.” _Unknown

GSOL in ROANOKE RAPIDS, NC made another delivery to the Nurse and Family Partnership for first time mothers in need:






Robin completed her first two afghans and Wanda has whipping like a house on fire with SIX large afghans completed! Amazing work, Ladies!!!





GSOL in AHOSKIE and AULANDER hosted a music benefit to raise money for yarn and collected can goods to help a local food pantry.!


They had a decent turn out at the event, the last band is playing now! They had donations of gift certificates from several businesses for a raffle and a 50/50 cash raffle which together raised $72 dollars! The admission to the event raised $120 and they were given LOTS of canned goods! So all together we raised $192!!! We had help from Glemia and her husband taking care of raffles. Mel (Tammy’s daughter) taking pictures and filling in here and there with what was needed, including helping Jen with her daughter so she could take admission at the door. Christina (Tammy’s other daughter) did a great job setting up the whole event and keeping it going smoothly! Two bands and several solo artists volunteered their time and talents! I would call it a success! We will report back with our yarn haul in the near future!

“When asked, “How did you accomplish this?”, I answer: “We are all working together. That’s the secret.” _Unknown

GSOL Meeting in Aulander, NC:

Hats and scarves are from Windsor’s Senior group. Sherry Casey gave Ahoskie and Aulander groups 3 huge bags of yarn, with some hats and squares mixed in !!!! (I absolutely love the teamwork and sharing that goes on between the Chapters. YOU ARE AMAZING!)

Check out their meeting photos:



THANKS to all who work and strive to help us help others. I will post our recent donations from long distance volunteers later this week. Stay tuned!






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Sending out a heart felt “Thank you” to: D.Dague of Lakeview, OH.,  Chris K. of St.Louis, MO. and Nancy M. of Argos, IN.  We received your packages and appreciate your generosity and willingness to help up help others. Your thoughtfulness will be remembered a very long time.

Check out their beautiful gifts:


This package was filled tight with LOTS of gorgeous granny squares. All crocheted and donated by: Nancy M. of Argos, IN!!!! Thank you again, Nancy!!!


Pretty and perfect! We appreciate these beauties created and donated by: Chris K. of St. Louis, MO!!!!  Thank you for reaching out and helping us!


Look at all of the cute hats!!! All created and donated by: D.Dague of Lakeview, OH!!! We just love them! They will certainly go to good use. Thanks, and thanks, and evermore thank you!

GSOL Sizzles in July

thGZ87G2IIWomen who work together, for the greater good, are the most powerful force in the world!

I had hoped to put all of July’s happenings together in one post. So, I have held onto some things until now.  The heat hasn’t brought our faithful volunteers to a complete halt. As you will see from the following photos. Collectively, we have accomplished a lot!

GSOL in Roanoke Rapids, NC:

July’s Meeting was a smaller group but a productive one! Granny Squares of Love: Roanoke Rapids Chapter has finished it’s Annual Yarn Drive fundraiser, and our winner is Lenny Murphy of Rocky Mount! His sister helped him by picking up blanket at meeting! Yarn will be bought next week with all money and pics taken then! We got several beautiful baby blankets and hat sets and we are finishing of a few more lapghans too! It was pouring rain, thunder and lighting but we still had a great group show up!


We have another new member her name is Ollie. Also two new return members: Tammy and Robbie. Mrs. Geraldine made all the squares on the table and Wanda and Edith have been putting them together. Wanda has also been crocheting her heart out!

Team Effort- GSOL in Ahoskie and Aulander, NC:

Picture0705161346_1 (1)

GSOL in Ahoskie and Aulander worked together, when called upon, to make blankets to comfort those going through Chemo treatments.

Donations from our long distance volunteers are always appreciated so much. Thank you again and again for all that you do!


Happiness is a box jam packed full of gorgeous granny squares! BIG THANKS to Louise H. of Camden, NJ!!!!


Another box filled to the brim with colorful granny squares! Heart felt thanks going out to April C. of Knox, IN! We appreciate you!


The beautiful blankets, beanies, baby clothes, yarn, and books were donated by our long distance volunteer, Nora L. of Brooklyn, NY! Thank you again, Nora! You are always so kind.


Until next time,

Be happy, healthy, and blessed!




More Gifts in June


We are grateful for all of long distance volunteers who think they can change the world. You do indeed make a difference with all the blankets you send, all the yarn you donate, all the granny squares you make, and all the many other things you do help someone in need. We appreciate you so much!


A big THANK YOU goes out to Anna W. of Lebanon, TN for all of the many pretty granny squares, gorgeous baby blankets and beanies, and yarn! Wow and DOUBLE WOW!



God must have whispered in your ear! We REALLY needed this yarn! Thank you so much, D. Dague of Lakeview, Ohio!

I also found this pretty preemie blanket tucked in the box of yarn. Thank you, D.Dague!




Until next time,

Be happy, healthy, and blessed!



GSOL in Aulander and Ahoskie, N.C.

“We rise by lifting others.”_ Robert Ingersoll

 “Aulander GSOL had regulars that are faithful and true. Nancy, Tammy, Betty Young, Glema and Edith. We enjoyed talking about old times as we put together the strips of squares that Edith had whipped for the group. This is a beauty for a baby crib !!!.  Tammy and Nancy are working on two afghans that is what I call “endless granny square. We shared ideas of how to get more to come crochet and have realize this is not the time of year.  We will not give up on the notion and have posted more signs around the area._ Glema Demario, Meeting Coordinator for GSOL in Aulander, N.C.


GSOL also received a very goodie package in the mail. Thank you, Joan M. of Wadsworth, IL. !!!  The 40 squares are gorgeous and we REALLY needed the yarn too. God bless you for your continued support.


Ahoskie, N.C. _ “Geraldine who has only been with us a few months is our square maker of the month. Every month she takes a tote of yarn and brings back stacks of squares. She runs out of yarn. We also have two new members Tammy and Robbi that we would like to welcome. Wanda is putting together afghans  with all the squares. Edith is also whipping together squares. We have a wonderful group. We also prayed for Sandy White on the loss of her mother.” _ Tammy Mullins, Jen Meyers, Jenn Richmond – Meeting Coordinators for GSOL in Ahoskie, NC


We appreciate all that you do!  Thank you!

GSOL in Roanoke Rapids (June)


June’s Meeting of the Granny Squares of Love:

“Roanoke Rapids Chapter was a great success!  We had 16 in attendance. We had two new members and  a few dropping things off. Loads of goodies that will be going out soon and more in the works. We are currently doing a yarn drive and raffle away a beautiful Afghan that Margaret and I put together. We will run short on yarn very soon. There was a large bag of yarn left at the library for our group this month but no one knew who it was from. Thanks to whomever donated. We are working on continuous granny square baby blankets and squares. Others, that are more seasoned at crocheting, are making whatever they like to donate. We are working on another delivery for the birthing center at the local hospital, baby blankets for Nurse-Family Partnership in Halifax and lapghans for the Enfield Nursing home til September. As you can see….We have lots going on!”_Sherry Casey

Sharing some photos taken at the meeting: